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Member Benefits

Revision IV, 17/11/2018

Member Benefits

‘Floating-Time’ Reservation Options starting 2018/19

It is important that all Club members understand the changes and how to take full advantage of the exciting new options and flexibility.

The Club is implementing a number of important changes that will help members to get better use of their membership and help the Club to operate more efficiently. It is important that all Club members understand the changes and how to take full advantage of the exciting new options and flexibility. So please read these sections carefully.

One important change to note is the importance of the 30th November. This will be an important Club date, marking the deadline for a variety of reservation choices. This will help the Club to be better prepared for the coming year and will allow the members greatly improved flexibility with reservations. In order to make the new Floating Time scheme practical, the final payment date of the annual management charge has also been brought forward to the 30th November.

These changes will affect all bookings for 2019 and many of the advantages will also be available for the remainder of 2018.

On 1st December the club will release all unreserved member weeks to public rental. Members will still be able to book holidays, but the longer you leave it, the less choice there will be.

Note: The 7 options can only be used individually and not in conjunction with any other option. All exchange requests must be made at least 8 weeks prior to the owned week.
Contact James or Lynne at the Club Office before 30th November to let us know how you want to use your week.shopfront

Floating member weeks: 7 New advantages and options

Following the 2017 resolution to move to Floating Time at the club, we are now putting it into practice. Members should familiarize themselves with the procedural changes, but the fabulous new benefits to each member far outweigh any temporary inconvenience. In addition, the change will help the club to raise the much needed income from non-member guests.

  • "Flexi arrival day": Members can book to arrive at the Club on any day of the week, any time of the year. No longer limited to Friday or Saturday of your owned week 
  • "Two for One": Members can get a 2 week holiday for 1 owned week at the Club when booking into the low seasons April-July and September. Unfortunately, this cannot apply to RCI Points weeks.
  • "Advance booking": Members can book at the Club up to 2 years in advance provided the corresponding year’s management charge is paid. "Indefinite roll-over": Member's weeks can be banked and thus rolled-over for use at the Club in subsequent years, and can be accumulated indefinitely. There are four conditions without which this scheme would be impractical:the request to roll-over is made by the 30th November of the previous year, or a minimum of 8 weeks prior to arrival (that is, if your owned week begins within 8 weeks from the 30th November).each year's management charge is paid on time (accumulated weeks will be forfeit if any management charge payment deadline is missed).accumulated weeks can be used for accommodation at the Club only, not for exchanges.accumulated weeks can only be used by Club members, family and close friends. Not for resale.
  • "Exchange banking": Members can bank their week with RCI/II/DAE but must first inform the Club before the 30th November of the previous year and must have paid the management charge."Extra exchange weeks": Members can buy extra banked weeks (with RCI/II/DAE) of the same exchange value of their owned week for the price of the management charge. These should be requested by 30th November."Own week": Members will still be able to use their fixed week at the Club, but must inform the Club office before the 30th November of the previous year and must have paid the management charge.


Annual availability owned by Club members now makes up only about 30% of our stock of weeks, so our income from management charges alone is no longer enough to run the Club or to fund the ongoing improvements. That is why it is so important that we subsidise the Club's running costs with non-member rental income.

Fortunately, the current market value for holiday lets is quite a bit higher than our member's management charge, and that means great value for members.

Although there are seasonal fluctuations in demand, careful management of the Club's rentals allows us to stay in operation and remain a happy member's holiday club. Here is a list of the changes to the rental system (member discounts are unaffected):

Prices: Rental prices are no longer fixed, allowing us to react to market fluctuations with dynamic pricing adjustments.
Availability: Current rental prices and availability can be checked live on the Club website by entering your desired arrival date where it says "Book here" at or by calling the office from 09:30 - 17:30, Monday to Saturday.
Discounts: Members still enjoy a 20% discount on all rentals at the Club, or a whopping 50% discount if booked as a "late-break" i.e., within 8 weeks of the arrival date.
Minimum stay: 5 nights is the minimum rental booking length, unless extending an existing booking.